Galway Bay Brewery: Pioneers of Irish Beer

Galway Bay Brewery is leading the charge in the burgeoning Irish craft beer market. Founded in 2009 and established in 2012 with the addition of a 21-year-old biotechnology graduate with no brewing experience, Galway Bay has quickly become known for pushing the boundaries of traditional beer offerings. In just a few short years, the brewery has expanded its reach from providing two beers to one bar in Galway to now providing nine different beers to nine bars in both Galway and Dublin. Come explore this craft beer revolution with Galway Bay Brewery.

At Galway Bay Brewery, we believe we’re pushing the boundaries of Irish beer. Founded in 2009, this enthusiastic private venture is; reeling off success almost a decade later with nine bars in Galway and Dublin. How did it get to this point and why? Well, in 2012 the partners found the answer: a 21-year-old biotechnology graduate who had never professionally brewed in his life. Enough about the past, let’s jump into the present.

The Gains of Hiring a Rookie

At first, hiring a biochemistry student to lead the Galway Bay team seemed to be a great risk. Who would take a chance on someone with no experience to bolster their legacy? Nonetheless, the partners were determined to shift the paradigm of the beer industry and gambled on the fresh grad.

The gamble paid off: almost overnight, Galway Bay’s craft beers and ciders became the talk of the town. From the Offbeat Lager that pairs well with pizzas to 18 Arches, suitable for buffets and brunches, it seemed to have a beer for every occasion. Expansions within Dublin followed shortly and they’ve been on a tear ever since.

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The Show. Must. Go. On.

Today, Galway Bay’s closest competitor is multi-million dollar Steinhoegen Ireland. Thousands of euros in developments are put into play every month, making the spot for Irish Craft Beer a crowded one. The team in Galway Bay never misses a beat. Each new product is made with authentic Irish traditions, proprietary beer yeasts and high-end ingredients from various sources. The outcome is a recurring success story where each new product is awaited with excitement.

Appealing to the Crowds

Galway Bay has the ability to appeal to the crowds. Little in the beer world goes beneath their radar, and not out of arrogance or ignorance. Experienced and dedicated staff tirelessly hunt for the best ingredients, ensuring the beer and cider being brewed is of the highest quality. Customers have noticed, as every review and suggestion is taken into account.

This ideology is also reflected in pricing. The brewery keeps prices low in comparison to other craft beers so more folks can enjoy the Galway Bay experience. It also raises the stakes, showing that a budget need not interfere with taste and sophistication. In doing this, people can try out different Galway Bay beers without feeling like it’s a bottomless financial pit.

What's Next?

It’s no surprise that such a beer resonates with people. One look around the bars of Ireland and you’ll find a Galway Bay drink in everyone’s hands. Yet the brew still refuses to rest. The team is continuously expanding to different countries, hosting tastings and developing new recipes. In the next few years, they plan to focus on other countries — especially within Ireland.If the past nine years has been anything to go by, the future of Galway Bay looks as exciting as ever.

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Reasons for the Brewery's Success

The growth of Galway Bay from one bar to nine bars can be attributed to multiple factors. Success can be traced to their:

  • Experimentation with beer and ciders styles/flavors
  • Value for money
  • Unique ingredients from Ireland
  • Open to customer feedback
  • Use of local talent

Experimenting with Beer and Cider Styles/Flavors

Galway Bay prides itself on experimenting with their beer and cider styles/flavors. Yes, their core product list is relatively small, but their constantly updated range of seasonal beers, IPAs, and stouts all introduce something new to the table. For example, their latest offering, the Curach, is a pale ale made with genuine Irish malt.

Value for Money

Galway Bay offers good value for money. The brewery keeps prices low so more folks can enjoy the Galway Bay experience. This allows people to try different Galway Bay beers without feeling like it’s a bottomless financial pit.

Unique Ingredients from Ireland

Galway Bay only sources the highest quality

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