Reviving an Old Factory: Phil Markowski and Two Roads Brewing Company

Phil Markowski, master brewer and founder of Two Roads Brewing Company, has revitalized an old brick factory in Stratford, Conn. as the home of his beer-making business. Not only does it represent a breath of fresh life in a factory that was once abandoned, but it symbolizes their distinctive approach to craft brewing. From carefully selecting the finest ingredients, to their commitment to innovation, Markowski and his team have transformed this abandoned factory into a bustling operation and a symbol of the craft beer movement.

Brewer and brewery co-founder Phil Markowski of Two Roads Brewing Co. is an innovator in the craft Beer world. His vision and leadership turned the old brick factory in Stratford, Conn., into a major hub of craft Beer production. Markowski has been involved with the craft Beer scene for over 25 years, and, along with the help of his business partners, has become a leader in the industry.

The Beginnings of Two Roads Brewing Co.

Before Two Roads Brewing started in 2012, Markowski was living in Connecticut and had long been a fan of craft beer. He was looking for a way to make his passion into a career and set about creating a business plan for a craft brewery.

For Markowski, one of the biggest appeals of craft beer was that it was an avenue to invest in his local economy. His concept of Two Roads Brewing was to develop a business plan that would invest in the community and help bolster the economy of Stratford, Conn. By doing this, he was also creating more opportunities for craft beer enthusiasts in the region.

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The Symbolism of Two Roads Brewing

The old brick factory in Stratford, Conn., where Phil Markowski launched Two Roads Brewing Company is a symbol of breathing new life into an old manufacturing facility. But it's also a metaphor for their approach to brewing. The brewery's tagline is "Life is Short. Don't Settle," which speaks to the idea that people should not settle for stock beer, but should instead explore the variety of craft beer styles available.

Two Roads Brewing Co. puts an emphasis on experimentation and innovation, which is reflected in the variety of styles available from the brewery. The company offers 15 beers in its core range, including its flagship IPA and an imperial stout. But the brewery also specializes in sour and wild ales, barrel-aged beers, and seasonal releases like saisons and wheat beers.

Phil Markowski’s Role at Two Roads Brewing

Markowski is the head brewer at Two Roads Brewing Co. He is responsible for recipe formulation and developing the unique beers that the brewery offers. This includes coming up with innovative ideas, having a deep understanding of flavors, and keeping up to date with industry trends.

  • Designing beer recipes that are both innovative and flavorful
  • Creating seasonal releases that reflect the current craft beer trends
  • Team building and collaborating with other members of the brewery
  • Monitoring the variety of beers that the brewery offers

Markowski understands the importance of staying up to date with craft beer trends and creating unique and delicious beers. Since Two Roads Brewing Co. first opened its doors in 2012, the brewery has released over 300 different craft beers.

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Phil Markowski and More

In 2016, Phil Markowski was named one of the "Most Influential Brewers in America" by the Brewers Association. He has also been honored with numerous prestigious awards, such as the 2017 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Small Brewery of the Year award. In the same year, he was also named the 2017 Charlie Papazian Award winner, which is the highest honor given in the craft beer industry.

Markowski has been a major contributor to the growing craft beer scene in Connecticut and beyond. His efforts have not only helped establish Two Roads Brewing Co. as a leader in the industry, but have paved the way for other craft breweries to flourish in the state as well.

The success of Two Roads Brewing Co. is a testament to Phil Markowski's vision and leadership. From his early days as a homebrewer in Connecticut, to becoming one of the most influential craft beer figures in the United States, Markowski has proven to be an innovator who is dedicated to producing flavorful and unique craft beers.

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