Remembering Michael Jackson: The Birth of The Beer Hunter

It's impossible to talk about beer culture without invoking the name of Michael Jackson, affectionately nicknamed 'The Beer Hunter.' With an illustrious career comprising of beer writing, beer tasting, travel, and exploration, Jackson had an unrivaled passion for beer. His personality was multifaceted - he was enigmatic, compassionate, critical, and passionate, all at once! Step back in time, and trace the origins of The Beer Hunter's legacy as we look back on the life and times of Michael Jackson.

The Birth of the Beer Hunter: Looking Back on Michael Jackson’s Legacy

In the world of beer and brewing, few names stand out like the late British beer writer and critic, Michael Jackson. It’s said he single-handedly revived the reputation of beer and brewing, considering it a respected craft that should rival quality wines and spirits. Whether or not this is true is a matter for debate, but what’s certain is that Jackson brought a great level of respect to the world of beer and beer connoisseurship – an art form he coined as “The Beer Hunter.”

But who was Michael Jackson, really? The Beer Hunter was a persona. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, was a complex person, with all of his faults, foibles, and doubts in tow. To commemorate his legacy, let’s take a look back at his life, his accomplishments, and what he meant to the world of beer and brewing.

Early Career and Education

Michael Jackson was born in 1937 in Bedford, England and spent much of his childhood in neighbouring Northamptonshire, where he attended a variety of schools. After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Jackson went on to get a Masters from Cambridge in the subject of History and Archaeology. This period was his introduction to the world of beer, as he conducted much of his field research in the taverns of Britain.

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Rise of the Beer Hunter

It was in 1977, when Jackson wrote his book, The World Guide to Beer, that the Beer Hunter persona was born. Jackson took the beer world by storm, introducing novel ideas and showcasing quality beers from around the globe. He became a popular writer, and ultimately one of the foremost authorities on beer.

Jackson’s influence spanned further than just books; he hosted several television programmes, such as Good Beer Guide, Beer Hunter, World Beer Tour, and others. Through these programs, Jackson was able to travel the world, investigating and tasting quality beers from a variety of locations. Many of his enthusiasms for beer remain echoed in the present day.

Impact on the Brewing Industry

Michael Jackson’s presence in the beer world was enormous. He pioneered the way for voracious beer connoisseurship as a respected activity, as well as writing on and celebrating the art of brewing. His influence touched just about every corner of the brewing world, from the large-scale production of big-name beers to the craft beer movement.

There are few names more well-known in the brewing world than Michael Jackson. The impact of his ideas, books, and programmes on beer culture is still felt today – many beer brewers continue to name beers after him, and his influence is echoed through much of the beer-related content.

Michael Jackson’s Legacy

Sadly, Michael Jackson passed away in 2007, but his legacy lives on through his work. To this day, he is fondly remembered in the beer world. His approach to beer was that of a consummate professional, and his investigative spirit turned the art of beer drinking into a profession that continues to bring joy to beer lovers everywhere.

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When considering Michael Jackson’s legacy, we must look beyond just his beer-related impact. Jackson was a complicated person, with many layers to his being. Perplexing as it may be, it is worth considering him as a person and not just a beerhunter.

Though many of his beer-related projects live on in some form or another, Michael Jackson will continue to be remembered by beer drinkers the world over as the beerhunter. He was the one who opened the world of beer to a much wider audience and encouraged us to enjoy the many wonderful beers available.


Michael Jackson is remembered as a beer expert, a television personality, and ultimately, an incredibly passionate figure who dedicated his life to exploring and celebrating beer all around the world. At the time of his death in 2007, his impact was felt all over the beer world, and continues to reverberate today. For this, Michael Jackson is remembered as the legendary Beer Hunter and will live on in the beer world for many years to come.

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