Harvard Grad Becomes Jackalope Brewer

Ever dream of leaving behind traditional academia for an alternative career path? Meet Bailey Spaulding, Harvard biological anthropology major turned law school grad-turned Nashville craft beer entrepreneur. Turning her ambition into gold, along with friend and business partner Robyn Virball, Spaulding has since created the award-winning Jackalope Brewing Company, now a cornerstone of Nashville's booming craft beer scene.

Bailey Spaulding is one of the most prominent players in Nashville's craft beer scene. She is the co-founder of iconic craft brewery, Jackalope Brewing Company, which has established itself as a key part of the city's craft beer industry.

In 2010, after graduating with degrees in biological anthropology from Harvard and law from Seattle University, Bailey Spaulding and her friend Robyn Virball decided to tackle the daunting task of setting up their own craft brewery. Despite the challenge that came with designing their very own brewhouse, their hard work and passion has resulted in a hugely successful business that produces some of the most beloved craft beers in the Nashville area.

Brewing Background

Although Bailey Spaulding did not originate from a brewing background, her passion and enthusiasm for beer meant that her and Virball were more than capable of creating something special with their venture. Thousands of pounds of stainless steel equipment was put together to form the Jackalope brewery, with their first beers on tap in 2011.

Jackalope's Success

The achievements of Jackalope Brewing Company since it opened have been nothing short of remarkable. The brewery has been the source of many award-winning beers, including the renowned Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale, which was named one of the best of 2018 by Food & Wine Magazine. As a result of this consistent quality and uniqueness, Jackalope is now considered one of the most prominent craft breweries in the area, with their beers now distributed in many restaurants, supermarkets, and microbreweries across Tennessee and beyond.

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Jackalope's Mission for Potential

Jackalope's mission as a business is to stay open to potential, meaning that all aspects of their business are driven by the desire to explore new horizons in the craft beer world. This is why they have become fixtures of the craft beer community in Nashville, with their innovative beers captivating many craft beer lovers. Their wide range of original, authentic and seasonal craft beers show that the possibilities for craft beer are endless, inspiring many who are in search of something new and exciting.

Variety of Unique Offerings

At Jackalope Brewing Company, variety is the key to their success. Some of their most popular flagship beers include the Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale, Thunder Ann American Pale Ale, Rompo Red Rye, and the ever-popular Rainy Day Blues IPA. They also have a constantly changing selection of experimental and seasonal beers to keep things fresh and new. Some of their most sought-after beers are the golden ales, the juicy New England IPAs, the tart imperial sours, the honey porters and the whiskey barrel-aged stouts. Jackalope’s unique offerings are sure to please any craft beer lover.

Jackalope Brewing Company is successful due to the hard work, tenacity and passion of Bailey Spaulding. Her unbridled enthusiasm for craft beer shines through the brewery and their beers, inspiring the passion and creativity of cocktail enthusiasts the world over. Although her business has come a long way in just a few years, Bailey and her team are determined to carry us into the future with their groundbreaking beers and their unwavering dedication to the craft beer industry.

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