High-Speed Beer Dispenser Sets Record

Bottoms Up, the leading beer dispensing system, recently made history by shattering their own Guinness World Record. With the help of a few strong hands, they filled 56 pints in just sixty seconds - that's one beer every second! This amazing feat highlights the advantages of Bottoms Up and the technology that makes it faster than any other pouring system. See how Bottoms Up made history and learn why their beer dispensing system is the ultimate time-saver.

Bottoms Up Nixes Beer Lines: World Record for Filling 56 Pints in a Minute Set with Innovative Dispenser

Beer lines, the scourge of large and small parties everywhere, are a thing of the past thanks to the innovative solutions from Bottoms Up. The dispenser, recently set a World Record—breaking its own record—by refilling 56 pints in under a minute. How does it work? With its patented resealable magnetized technology, the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser has made it possible to quickly and conveniently provide beer lines with a full, fresh glass of beer at a moment’s notice.

Bottoms Up Dispenser features and advantages

The Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser features a unique resealable magnetized technology, allowing beer lines to quickly and easily serve beer without having to wait for the glass to refill. This innovative design has several advantages that make it the ideal solution for busy beer lines.

  • Faster Fill Times: By filling the glass from the bottom up, the Bottoms Up Dispenser is able to fill any size glass of beer in as little as three seconds.
  • More Appliance Options: The dispenser is compatible with both 12- and 20-ounce commercial beer glasses, offering more flexibility for busy beer lines.
  • Fewer Spills: The magnetic seal securely seals the glass to the platform, ensuring that the beer is not spilling out of the glass onto the floor with every pour.
  • Hygienic Design: The dispenser is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean, eliminating bacteria and germs that could possibly spread during the pouring process.
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How the World Record Was Set

The record-breaking attempt was made possible by a team of dedicated beer line workers, equipped with the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser. With a couple of people helping to move beers away more quickly, the team was able to fill 56 pints in under a minute.

Why Is This Record Significant?

While filling 56 pints of beer in a single minute may seem like a feat of pure strength, it's actually a testament to the efficiency of the Bottoms Up Dispenser. The innovation of the resealable magnetized technology has made it possible to quickly and easily fill any size glass with beer, without having to wait for the glass to refill.

Furthermore, with its hygienic design and faster fill times, the Bottoms Up Dispenser has revolutionized the beer line process. By eliminating the traditional long beer lines, establishments can now keep their guests happy and served in a matter of minutes.

The Result of This Record-Breaking Attempt

By setting the World Record, the team behind the Bottoms Up Dispenser has proven that it is possible to serve beer lines faster and more efficiently. With the right technology and a team of dedicated beer line workers, the seemingly impossible can be achieved. The success of this record-breaking attempt is a testament to the innovation and technology of the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser, and it has set the stage for even more impressive feats in the future.

Now the World Record Can Be Yours!

With the help of the reliable and efficient Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser, you can now easily set your own Guinness World Record for filling 56 pints of beer in under a minute. By investing in this revolutionary technology, you can now serve beer lines quickly, efficiently, and with no spills. So what are you waiting for? Get the record-breaking Dispenser today and start achieving your own beer line records!

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