Industry Diversity Driven by Union Craft's Blodger

Kevin Blodger, Co-Founder and Head Brewer of Union Craft Brewing, says it's time for the brewing industry to embrace diversity. As craft brewers across the United States find ways to stand out and develop sustainable, growth-oriented strategies, Blodger believes diversity has become a key ingredient to avoiding stagnation. With his commitment to innovation and embracing diverse perspectives, Blodger is leading Union Craft Brewing on the path towards success and setting an example for the rest of the industry.

In the past few years, the beer industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs. In order to stay afloat and maintain the success of their businesses, many craft breweries have had to get creative with their approach to brewing. Kevin Blodger, Co-Founder and Head Brewer of Union Craft Brewing, is no different.

As one of the most respected members of the industry, Blodger has become an outspoken advocate for diversity in the industry. According to him, this is the only way to keep the industry alive and flourishing.

Who Is Kevin Blodger?

Before co-founding Union Craft Brewing in 2014, Blodger had an impressive career in the beer industry. He was the original head brewer at Lexington Brewing & Distilling Company, where he was responsible for formulating creative, award-winning beers. He also served as the promotions official for the Brewers Association, the trade group that represents small breweries in the United States.

After leaving Lexington Brewing & Distilling Company, Blodger began experimenting with his own recipes, eventually forming Union Craft Brewing.

Union Craft Brewing

Union Craft Brewing is a family-owned craft beer business located in Baltimore, Maryland. Since its founding in 2014, the company has established itself as a key player in the craft beer industry.

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Union Craft Brewing focuses on creating a wide range of craft beers, including ales, lagers, pale ales, stout beers, sour beers and barrel-aged beers. They create unique, high-quality beers that have earned acclaim from both beer enthusiasts and critics.

Diversity in the Beer Industry

Blodger has spent much of his career advocating for diversity in the craft beer industry. He believes that to prevent stagnation, the industry needs to embrace the contributions and perspectives of both traditional and non-traditional beer-makers.

In particular, Blodger has been outspoken about the importance of including female brewers and minorities. He points out that these individuals often have a unique insight into brewing that is often overlooked.

To further this goal, Blodger hires diverse candidates for all positions within the company, from brewing to sales and marketing. He also encourages other craft breweries to do the same.

Impact of Diversity on the Beer Industry

Blodger believes that diversity can have a significant and lasting impact on the beer industry. He believes that non-traditional brewers can bring important skills and talents that traditional brewers may not possess. This can lead to more innovative and exciting beers, which can help to attract new customers and expand the overall customer base.

Blodger also believes that diversity can help to create more inclusive and diverse businesses. By welcoming more diverse brewers, Blodger believes that the industry can become more inclusive, welcoming, and accessible.

Taking Action

Blodger believes that the beer industry can only benefit from embracing diversity, but he acknowledges that this is often easier said than done. Therefore, he suggests starting small. By hiring diverse brewers and promoting their accomplishments, Blodger believes that this can help to create a more inclusive craft beer industry.

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At Union Craft Brewing, Blodger leads by example, actively seeking out and hiring brewers from diverse backgrounds, as well as encouraging and celebrating their accomplishments. By taking small steps such as these, he believes that the industry can become more inclusive and vibrant.

Benefits of Diversity

In addition to creating a more inclusive industry, Blodger states that embracing diversity can also lead to major benefits for beer businesses. Here are just a few of the perks that businesses can gain from having diverse brewers and employees.

  • Expanded customer base: By welcoming more diverse brewers and employees, businesses can attract a wider range of customers.
  • New and creative ideas: With more diverse perspectives, businesses can come up with more innovative recipes and ideas.
  • Group problem-solving skills: When people from different backgrounds come together, they can often find unique solutions to problems.
  • Improved morale and productivity: Having an inclusive and diverse workforce can have positive psychological benefits, which can lead to improved productivity.


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