James Westphal's Beer Empire in Kansas City

Kansas City-native James Westphal has created the ultimate beer-centric mecca in the heart of Missouri! Starting with McCoy's Public House in 1997, Westphal continued to build onto his mini-empire with the opening of the Beer Kitchen in 2001, and finally completing it with the opening of The Foundry in 2008, all in the same area! Ready to experience the journey through Westphal's mini-empire of beer-centric establishments? Come down to Kansas City and see it all for yourself!

No city embraces the art and enjoyment of craft beer quite like Kansas City, Missouri. And no one has done more to foster that blossoming beer culture in the metro area than James Westphal, who opened McCoy’s Public House in 1997. Westphal is the creative force behind McCoy’s as well as two other establishments, bringing his nearly four decades of experience to bear on every pint served up from his mini-empire of beer-centric establishments.

Roots in the Beer Scene

James Westphal was one of the earliest pioneers of the craft beer scene in Kansas City. A native of the area, he has been a figure in local beer culture since his start at a young age, working in beer wholesalers in the area. By 1997, he was ready to open the doors of his own place - McCoy’s Public House.

McCoy’s Public House

McCoy’s Public House was the first in what would be a series of beer emporiums in the KC area owned and operated by James Westphal. The intimate, yet spacious pub featured prominently on beer menus of the time, with a wide variety of imported, domestic, and local craft beers on tap. By 2001, Westphal was ready to expand, bringing on Beers Kitchen, a beer-focused restaurant, next door.

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Beers Kitchen was an audience-pleaser from the start. Serving up food that married seamlessly with its beer offerings, guests packed the tables and relaxed around the bar. With its tight-knit staff and cozy atmosphere, it proved to be so popular that Westphal decided to expand even further in 2008. He opened the Foundry in a connected space next door, and with that, the trifecta was complete.

The Foundry

Though The Foundry is adjacent to Beers Kitchen, it is a very different experience. Whereas Beers Kitchen offers classic pub fare with a modern twist, The Foundry flips the script with a classic setting and modern pub fare. The classic feel carries into the diverse menu of beers, wine, and cocktails, making The Foundry a go-to spot for evening fun.

Craft Beer and Sour Beers

As one of the most prominent selections in Kansas City’s craft beer scene, the selection of craft and sour beers at The Foundry is second to none. Boasting more than 30 beers on tap, the draft lists contains beers from both local and national breweries in a variety of styles and flavors. With bottles and cans from craft breweries across the country, The Foundry is sure to have something for every palate.

Local Music and Entertainment

Live music and entertainment is a regular part of The Foundry, with shows happening most nights of the week. The range of acts featured draws from the heart of Kansas City’s independent music scene, with the occasional big name act thrown into the mix for good measure. The Foundry also holds open mic nights and pub quizzes throughout the week, so be sure to keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming shows and events.

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A Place to Hang Out

The Foundry’s cozy atmosphere, delicious food, and wide range of beers make it the perfect spot to hang out with friends and family. The knowledgeable staff is always happy to help guide your choice of brew, so don’t be afraid to ask for their help. The Foundry also features daily specials, such as $2 fried pickles on Mondays, and Taco Tuesdays, which guarantee to spice up your week. So if you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax after a long day, head down to The Foundry.

House Favorites

Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just looking to broaden your horizons, The Foundry has you covered. Among the most popular beers on tap are the locally brewed Boulevard Wheat, which is light and refreshing; Schwarzbier, a Schwarzbier/Porter hybrid loaded with dark malt character; and Torpedo Extra IPA, one of the more flavorful offerings from the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


Kansas City and its surrounding area is a hotbed of craft beer culture, and James Westphal was one of the first to recognize that potential. With his mini-empire

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