Legendary Rogue Co-Founder Passes Away

It was with a heavy heart that the craft beer industry said goodbye to one of its most beloved icons this week, as Jack Joyce, co-founder of Rogue Ales and Spirits, passed away on May 27 at the age of 71. Joyce had an impressive professional career, having worked in litigation and at executive-level at Nike before venturing out to found Rogue in 1988 with the mission of providing unique and innovative beers from the frontiers of the craft beer movement. Joyce's legacy will live on in the beers he created and the bonds he formed with the craft beer industry during his 30-year journey.

Legendary Co-Founder Of Rogue Ales & Spirits, Jack Joyce Passes Away At 71

It is with deep sorrow and regret that Rogue Ales & Spirits announce the passing of Co-founder, Jack Joyce on May 27, 2021 at the age of 71. Jack was known as a savvy business entrepreneur and zealous champion of entrepreneurialism in craft beverages. Joyce worked as a litigation attorney and an executive at Nike before venturing out to co-found Rogue in 1988.

Back in 1988, John Maier, who was the brew master at Jack’s hometown of Ashland, Oregon was the first up to the challenge to co-found Rogue Ales & Spirits with Jack. From these humble roots, the brand has achieved success internationally and continues to innovate in the craft beverage industry.

A Pioneer Of The Craft Beer Industry

Jack Joyce was a pioneer of the craft beer industry and had the foresight to recognize the steadily increasing demand for craft brewed beverages. He had a vision for Rogue Ales & Spirits that went beyond the traditional parameters for craft beer and instead of simply focusing on beer production, he forged partnerships with local farmers and hop growers, as well as producing other high-quality beverage products such as wines, spirits, and ciders.

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One noteworthy project of Jack's was the 'Rogue World Headquarters', a multi-million dollar brewery and bottling facility that was built in Newport, Oregon in 1989. This facility is still in use today and is capable of producing over 8,000 barrels of beer per year, as well as the other Rogue beverages such as spirits, wines, and ciders.

Leaving Behind An Incredible Legacy

Jack has also left behind an incredible legacy in the craft beer industry. He is credited with being instrumental in bringing to life some of Rogue’s iconic ales such as Dead Guy Ale, Shakespeare Stout, and XS Imperial IPA. He was also a strong advocate for using sustainable agricultural practices and collaborated with farmers to use local ingredients in the brewing process.

Jack’s legacy is one that is not easily forgotten, and he will be remembered for his passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to his craft. Rogue Ales & Spirits is committed to continuing the legacy of Jack Joyce and will strive to honor his memory through continued innovation and the highest quality craft beer, spirits, and other beverages.

Jack's Inspirational Journey In The Craft Beverage Industry

Jack's intellectual thought process and hardworking attitude leave us in no doubt that his service as a partner at Rogue Ales & Spirits introduced an additional dimension of foresight, motivation, and thought leadership which proved integral to the initial stages of the company and spurred further development during the subsequent twenty three years of business, and beyond.

Upon his passing, Rogue released a heartfelt tribute to the 71-year-old, saying “He was known to many but he was our friend and he will be missed,” Generous to a fault, it is no doubt that Jack's spirit will remain alive within the 'Rogue Nation’. While his pleasant warmth will no longer be felt, he has left everlasting impressions which will impart enduring influence in craft beverages.

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Accomplishments and Honors

During his illustrious career, Joyce worked alongside John Maier in bringing Rogue Ales & Spirits further towards success, helping establish a large following in Oregon and worldwide. Jack and his colleagues were credited with phenomenal foresight in aligning their objectives with the growing interest in craft beer, protecting the company whilst adapting to different markets and exploring the potential of alternative beverages.

In his tribute, Rogue shared that Jack was a lifetime wine maker and career businessman. His fishing, shooting and hunting interests made him a well-rounded Pacific-Northwest man. He worked at his beloved Nike as a lawyer and executive for many years before starting Rogue. Jack made true contributions that have been honored by the Oregon State Senate and House of Representatives.

Key Takeaways

  • Jack Joyce co-founded Rogue Ales & Spirits in 1988 and passed away on May 27, 2021 at the age of 71.
  • He was a pioneer of the craft beer industry and had the foresight to recognize the steadily increasing demand for craft brewed beverages.
  • He was instrumental in bringing to life some of Rogue’s iconic ales such
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