Nashville's Finest Craft Brews

Craving a cold craft beer? Look no further than Nashville, Tennessee: home to a 4,500-square-foot bottle shop and bar where you can get the best brews from The Volunteer State. Not only can you enjoy an ice cold pint, but you're also in for a treat - Thunderbird, a smoked chicken food truck, is there to pair your drinks with some wings. And the best part? You can go for a 50-seat front porch experience. Get ready for the ultimate craft beer experience in Tennessee!

Craft Brewed in Nashville, Tennessee

A city as vibrant has Nashville, Tennessee strives to provide its citizens and visitors with the best possible craft beer experience. With plenty of sights, sounds and scrumptious eats all around, craft beer aficionados can explore a new level of sudsy satisfaction.

Beer drinkers of all demographics can find what they’re longing for with The Bottle Shop and Bar situated within the Music City. This 4,500-square-foot facility serves up a well curated mix of the best available in The Volunteer State. Think of it as a gathering center where craft beer enthusiasts meet to explore the flavors, aromas and textures of craft beer while having an enjoyable time.

Bringing Craft Beer to a Whole New Level

This Bottle Shop takes craft beer to a completely new level with their carefully selected selection of lagers, ales, and IPAs from local and regional brewers. These expertly crafted beverages offer visitors a unique flavor experience and a chance to immerse themselves entirely into the art of craft beer.

The bar offers plenty of award-winning beers as well as hard-to-find seasonal selections. It's a great place to pick up something new, enjoy an evening out with friends, or even get a little education on the wonderful world of craft beer.

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Live Music and Smoked Chicken Food

The Bottle Shop and Bar brings the sights and sounds of Nashville to its patrons, with live music every night. Its 50-seat front porch is the perfect spot to take part in the atmosphere and listen to some of Nashville's best emerging talent.

Visitors also enjoy pairing their pints with wings from Thunderbird, a grilled food truck specializing in smoked chicken. The combination of great beer, live music and tasty treats make the atmosphere at The Bottle Shop and Bar an experience not to miss.

Get the Best of Nashville's Craft Beer

The Bottle Shop and Bar is a must for craft beer drinkers looking for something truly unique. Whether you're a local beer lover in search of something for your next gathering or a traveler venturing to Nashville for an unforgettable experience, The Bottle Shop and Bar is the perfect place for an unforgettable craft beer experience.

Here are a few of the craft beers you can find at The Bottle Shop and Bar:

  • Black Abbey Brewing Company
  • Jackalope Brewing Company
  • Corsair Artisan Distillery
  • Yazoo Brewing Company
  • Fat Bottom Brewing
  • Southern Grist Brewing
  • Little Harpeth Brewing
  • Bearded Iris Brewing
  • East Nashville Beer Works

Brewery of the Month

The Bottle Shop and Bar recognize the people behind the craft beer, that’s why they’ve created the “Brewery of the Month” program. The featured brewers receive special promotions and discounts, which allows customers to get a taste of their beers at more affordable prices.

The Bottle Shop and Bar has partnered with many local breweries such as Rock Bottom and Turtle Anarchy for this unique program, offering a great range of brewing experiences for their customers.

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Brew Tip of The Day

The Bottle Shop and bar also offers customers informative brew tips and tutorials. Featuring beer tasting techniques and beer facts, these brew tips provide customers with a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of craft beer. From homebrewing to proper pouring techniques, these brew tips are perfect for both novice and experienced beer drinkers.

Bottle Shop and Bar Events

The Bottle Shop and Bar host a number of events that allow craft beer fans to meet and mingle. From tapping opening parties to tasting events, there's always something happening here. Come join us for a great night out with like-minded beer lovers.

Visit The Bottle Shop and Bar

A visit to The Bottle Shop and Bar promises a good time and memorable experience. The selection of craft beers they have in store is sure to leave you spoilt for choice. The atmosphere and presence of live music, smoked chicken food truck and great beer make it

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