Reviving Downtown Lihue: Kauai Beer Company

If you're looking for an exciting new spot to grab a delicious beer, check out Kauai Beer Company! Located in the Central Lihue area (which used to house the hub of Kauai's sugarcane industry), this brightly-lit spot offers a variety of delicious, locally brewed beers. KBC is helping to revive downtown Lihue and provide visitors and locals alike a place to enjoy a delicious beer in a vibrant atmosphere. So grab your friends and head down to Kauai Beer Company for a totally unique beer-drinking experience!

Kauai Beer Company (KBC) is an award-winning craft brewery based in central Lihue, Hawaii. KBC has been producing some of the island’s most innovative and delicious beers since it launched in 2013, making it one of the longest-running and most beloved breweries on the island. Despite its location, KBC has become a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike.

KBC’s location in central Lihue might seem problematic. Once bustling with activity as the hub of Kauai’s sugarcane industry, the area fell into decline, leaving behind a mix of used car lots alongside insurance, legal and government offices. In this landscape, KBC is a bright spot, helping revive downtown Lihue. With an expansive tasting room, an expansive selection of beers, and an enthusiastic and passionate staff eager to introduce visitors to Kauai's burgeoning beer scene, KBC is a must-visit destination on the Garden Island.

The History of Kauai Beer Company

Kauai Beer Company was founded by longtime friends and beer lovers Dean Watkins and Steve Johnson. Having seen the rise of breweries throughout the mainland, the pair decided to bring their own flavor of craft beer to their beloved home of Kauai. Since then, KBC has established itself as one of the island's leading craft breweries and has even won awards for its innovative and delicious beers.

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KBC is dedicated to creating unique beers that showcase the flavors of the Hawaiian islands. From tropical IPAs and fruited lagers to barrel-aged stouts, KBC’s lineup of beers is sure to please any palate. KBC also prides itself on its sustainability efforts, using ingredients sourced from local farms and taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Kauai Beer Company's Taproom

KBC's taproom is the perfect spot to get familiar with their selection of beers. With over 16 beers on tap, the taproom is the perfect spot to sample all of KBC's offerings. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. KBC also offers regular events and beer tastings, so there is always something new to learn and something new to try.

KBC also offers food to accompany their selection of beers. The menu features a variety of items such as pretzels, salads, sandwiches and more, all made with local ingredients. KBC's bar also features an impressive selection of wines, meads and ciders.

Kauai Beer Company's Beers

KBC offers a wide selection of beers brewed on-site and distributed throughout the Hawaiian Islands. KBC's selection includes a variety of styles and flavors, ranging from traditional lagers to barrel-aged stouts. Here is a look at some of KBC's most popular beers:

  • Kona Gold Blonde Ale: A medium-bodied ale brewed with Hawaiian gold malt and lightly hopped with German Perle hops.
  • Makawao Pale Ale: An American-style pale ale brewed with cascade and centennial hops.
  • Hana Hefeweizen: A German-style wheat beer brewed with German hops and malt.
  • Kilauea Coconut Porter: An English-style porter brewed with roasted coconut, chocolate and caramel malts.
  • Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout: A strong, heavy stout aged in oak barrels for 12 months.
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Creating a Sense of Community

KBC is dedicated to creating a sense of community and encouraging everyone to explore the ever-growing craft beer scene in Kauai. They offer fun events like trivia nights and beer tastings, and host their own weekly art nights. KBC is also involved in the local bike community, sponsoring bike rides and partnering with local organizations to promote cycling in the community.

Kauai Beer Company's Commitment to Sustainability

KBC is dedicated to sustainability both in the beers they create and in the way they go about their business. KBC is committed to sourcing local ingredients and utilizing renewable energy sources to power their taproom. They also use closed-loop systems to minimize water and waste, and have implemented recycling and composting in their taproom.

KBC is an integral part of the Kauai community and strives to be a good neighbor and a responsible business. They've partnered with local farms and organizations to help ensure

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