Revolutionizing Portland: Novare Res

Are you a craft beer connoisseur? Looking for a place to quench your thirst and be part of a beer revolution? Then make your way to Novare Res Bier Café in Portland, Maine. Founded by Eric and Julie Michaud in 2008, Novare Res is considered a living legend in the craft beer world, as the bar's Latin name translates to "start a revolution". Stop by Novare Res to enjoy some of the finest craft beer the town has to offer and be part of the revolution!

Portland, Maine, has a number of amazing places for beer lovers to try out, but Novare Res Bier Café has been one of the most prominent out of these since its opening back in 2008. Owned by Eric and Julie Michaud and founded with a revolutionary spirit, the café offers much more than just a decent selection of beer.

A Revolutionary Spirit

The café's name "Novare Res" comes from the Latin phrase "novae res agitat mentem," which roughly translates to "the new thing stirs the mind." This phrase explains the passion that Eric and Julie felt when they first opened the café and is still present in the spirit of the place. The goal was to go beyond what the traditional beer bar in Portland was known for and create something that would exceed everyone's expectations.

An Extensive Selection to Choose From

The café offers an extensive selection of craft beer and rare imports, totaling more than 400 beers from all around the world. It is divided into two parts—draft beer, served fresh from the tap, and bottles, with about 300 choices available. From an American IPA to an Imperial IPA from England and an authentic Trappist beer from Belgium, the café has it all. Beer fans can also enjoy seasonal specialties, like the pumpkin beer for autumn or the cranberry ale for winter.

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Events, Activities and Music

Another thing that makes Novare Res unique is its passionate atmosphere. Here you can find beer-related events like educational beer workshops and tap takeovers, along with music events and pop-up food stands. These events are usually announced through the café’s website or social media pages.


Novare Res is not just a beer café; it also offers a selection of food items that are perfect for pairing with your favorite beer. Customers can choose from delicious small plates like fried pickles and house-made hummus, or a selection of typical bar snacks and wings. Other popular options include hot sandwiches, nachos and specialty pizzas served with homemade beer dough.

The Weekly Quiz Nights

For a true Novare Res experience, one must partake in the café’s pub quiz nights. Every Tuesday, dozens of teams come together to test their knowledge and compete for the chance to win a prize. Usually, the questions focus on beer-related topics, with special categories on the brewing process, beer styles and the history of the café.

Why Novare Res?

With its extensive selection of beers, fun events and great food, Novare Res has become a favorite among Portland’s beer aficionados. But what really stands out is the spirit and passion of the place. When Eric and Julie opened it back in 2008, they wanted to do something revolutionary and they succeeded in creating a special environment. It is a place where everyone can come, have a beer and have a good time.

What They Offer

  • More than 400 beers from around the world
  • Beer-related workshops and tap takeovers
  • Fabulous food for pairing with your beer
  • Weekly pub quiz nights
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If you’re looking for a unique place to kick back and have a beer with your friends, Novare Res Bier Café is definitely worth a visit. Its wide selection of craft beers, amazing food menu, and fascinating vibe will make your night one to remember. So stop by and see for yourself why Novare Res has become such a beloved spot among beer enthusiasts.

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