Weyermann: Legacy of Innovation

Since 1879, the Weyermann Maltings in Bamberg, Germany has been fermenting grains, creating organic malt and exporting it to over 115 countries across the globe. From their humble origins as a small shop under a tarp lean-to, Now weyermann is the largest organic malt producer in the world supplying over 80 different types of malts. Read upon this amazing story of Weyermann Maltings and find out how they have evolved and become such a global presence.

Weyermann Maltings—Germany’s oldest family-run malt factory—is renowned worldwide for their top quality malts made according to traditional Bavarian recipes. With over 130 years of experience, this historic brewery has earned a sterling reputation for its German-grown, highly sought-after ingredients.

Brief History

Established in 1879 by Gerloff Weyermann, the Weyermann Brauerei has been run by five generations of the same family. Located in central Bamberg, in the heart of Bavaria, it has always been surrounded by some of the world’s finest malt crops and boasts generations of experienced master maltsters who understand the craft of crafting the perfect malt.

Since its launch, Weyermann has become the go-to source for premium quality malts and cereals for breweries, distilleries and distilleries throughout Europe and beyond. What started as “a tiny shop under a tarp lean-to in downtown Bamberg,” is now the world’s largest organic malt producer, supplying more than 80 different types of malts to clients in 115 countries—and they’re still evolving.

Weyermann’s Commitment to Quality

Adherence to traditional craftsmanship and strict quality control have been a cornerstone of Weyermann to this day. All of Weyermann’s products are carefully monitored and tested for quality, and only the finest grains and yeast are used in the fermentation process. By doing so, the team at Weyermann has been able to cultivate the perfect character and aroma for each malt, like amber malt, caramel malt, chocolate malt, Munich malt, and Vienna malt.

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Weyermann’s commitment to quality extends beyond their products. Every individual associated with Weyermann—from the maltsters and brewers to the owners—is dedicated to providing clients with personalized customer service and the highest possible quality. The team at Weyermann considers every single customer, brewery and distillery to be a partner in creating the perfect malt.

Growing Demand Globally

As craft beer has experienced a surge in popularity around the world, so has the demand for Weyermann’s products. Professional and home brewers alike seek out the rich, complex flavors of Weyermann’s malts, hops, and grains. As such, the small family-run maltings has experienced financial and cultural success, with demand rapidly expanding from small hobbyist operations to large-scale commercial breweries.

Weyermann has kept up with the demands of the ever-growing craft brewing community by embracing new innovations, technological advances, and improved processes. Weyermann’s latest investments in advanced grain silos and conveying technology immensely enhanced the efficiency and quality of their operations, allowing for faster turnaround times and better overall product consistency.

Why Weyermann?

With so many malt houses and grain suppliers around the world, why choose Weyermann? Weyermann believes in the power and potential of the Bavarian brewing traditions, combined with modern technological and logistical advancements. Their commitment to customers is unparalleled, and they ensure that each malt is produced according to the highest quality standards.

The secret to Weyermann’s success is the strong Bavarian roots and the global reach that comes from its commitment to innovation, quality and customer service. Weyermann’s unique malts combines traditional Bavarian know-how and one-hundred years of technical improvements, making them an essential ingredient for many of the world’s finest craft beers and lagers.

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Organic and Quality-Certified Products

Weyermann is passionate about sustainability, and they strive to maintain top quality and performance while keeping their environmental impact in mind. All of Weyermann’s products are organic and certified according to the guidelines of the European Union EKO and ÖKO certification system. Weyermen are making all of the right steps to ensure their place at the top of the industry.

What the Future Holds

As Weyermann continues to experience sustained growth and expand its reach, the company looks to the future with renewed enthusiasm and commitment. The family-run malt house is dedicated to supplying the best malts, grains and yeast, to craft brewers and distillers around the world. Weyermann will continue

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