Surly Brewing Company: Big Impact in Short Time

Under the vanguard of brewmaster Todd Haug, Surly Brewing Company has made a huge splash in the beer industry in just 18 months. Despite being a small brewery in Brooklyn Center, MN, Surly Brewing Company has become a major player by making their mark and showing the big brewing companies they mean business.Find out more about the leader of this miniscule brewing powerhouse and see how his industry-rocking strategy has put Surly Brewing Company at the top of the beer world!

Todd Haug of Surly Brewing Company

Todd Haug is the head brewer, principal beer engineer and leader of the Surly Brewing team. Haug joined Surly in 2007 with a passion for brewing craft beer, as well as a background in computer engineering. In less than a year and a half of brewing, Surly Brewing Company, a tiny Brooklyn Center, MN brewery, has already put the industry’s big boys on notice.

Haug is the man behind the creative genius of Surly’s award-winning products. His unique approach to beer engineering mixes the skill of a computer engineer with the creativity of a craft brewer. He approaches brewing beer with a focus on balance, a preference for bold flavors, and a commitment to writing every recipe for desired flavor, color, aromatics and palatability.

Surly Invades The Market

Craft brewing is taking off across the United States, and Surly is at the forefront of this revolution. Surly Brewing's relentless pursuit of flavourful beer has accelerated the growth of craft brewing nationwide. This tiny brewery has quickly become a favorite of beer aficionados, being highlighted in publications ranging from the New Yorker to BeerAdvocate magazine.

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Surly's most popular beer, Furious, is an American IPA with a well-rounded robust flavor and a sometimes deceptively smooth texture. Hot on the heels of their success with Furious, Surly has released a range of equally flavourful beers, from their dry-hopped Berliner Weisse to the complex and dark Bender Oatmeal Stout.

Surly's Rise to Prominence

When Surly Brewing opened their doors to the public in 2006, there was much anticipation for craft beer enthusiasts. Under the direction of head brewer Todd Haug, the company began demonstrating their skill and knowledge both in local beer festivals and on tap at local pubs. Soon, Surly was gaining recognition as one of the top craft breweries in the region.

Surly continues to make its presence known, showing up at large events such as the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup with an increasing number of unique and flavorful brews that put Surly on the map.

A New Wave Of Craft Breweries

The craft beer movement is continuing to gain momentum, with new breweries popping up in unexpected places. And Surly Brewing Company is leading the way. Founded on a passion for quality beer, Surly quickly became one of the most popular and respected craft breweries in the region. Its lineup of beers consistently garner high marks for flavor and complexity and have found their way onto the shelves and taps of pubs around the country.

Sophisticated palates are drawn to the full-flavored beers produced by Surly, and Haug steers the ship through a constant stream of experimentation, understanding his audience but never compromising on quality or flavor. Surly's approach to craft beer has given birth to an excitement and buzz that is unmatched in the craft beer world.

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Haug's Passion For Beer

Haug comes from a unique background of engineering and brewing, which gives him the ability to engineer tasteful, unique and flavourful beers. His dedication to his craft resonates through every beer he produces, with a passion to create full-flavoured beer that speaks volumes.

Haug is also passionate about sustainability and aggressive in Surly's search for ways to lower their environmental impact. In 2017, they partnered with the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to use spent grain from Surly's production to create Sierra Nevada's pale ale.

Haug's Recipe For Success

Haug's business and brewing approach can be boiled down to a few key elements, making it easier to understand his success. Haug's recipe for success includes:

  • A commitment to quality: Haug focuses on creating high-quality beer, even if it takes more time and effort.
  • An eye for innovation: Haug pushes himself and the brewery to explore and expand their offerings, often dabbling in innovative beer-making techniques.
  • A passion for flavor: Haug strives to create beers and styles that are unique and enjoyable to craft beer enthusiasts.
  • A commitment to sustainability: Haug seeks to use ingredients and practices that reduce the brewery's environmental impact.

Haug has personally grown up with

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