Sustainability and Clean Water: Meet Jason Spaulding

With sustainability at the forefront of their minds, Jason Spaulding and wife Kris are leading the charge of 21 breweries fighting to raise awareness of the Clean Water Act. Aiming to make the world a better place, their commitment to improvement may see Brewery Vivant serve as a shining example of what can be achieved through conscious effort.

Jason Spaulding, President of Brewery Vivant: Sustainability and Commitment to the Clean Water Act

In the world of craft brewing, Jason Spaulding and his wife, Kris, are true visionaries. Through their sustainability-focused brewery, Brewery Vivant, they are leaving the world in better shape than when they found it. In fact, Brewery Vivant is one of only 21 breweries in the United States that have committed to increasing public awareness of the Clean Water Act.

The Clean Water Act, originally passed in 1972, is the primary federal way to protect the water of the United States from pollution. It is implemented through a combination of state and federal regulations, and is regularly updated after thorough technological and scientific review. Through his commitment to Brewer Vivant, Jason Spaulding continues that legacy.

Jason Spaulding's Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is more than a buzzword to Jason Spaulding. For him, it's a way of life. He was one of the first craft brewers to make sustainability a top priority. His commitment to sustainability included reducing waste, cutting energy use and lessening their environmental impact. Spaulding also decided to source their ingredients locally, which has resulted in a positive economic impact on the surrounding community.

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Brewery Vivant is proud of its commitment to sustainability, but it goes far beyond making an environmental difference. Spaulding also wanted to ensure that the brewery would have a positive social impact. So, Brewery Vivant donates its spent grain to local farmers, host volunteer events and make every effort to support their employees, customers and neighbors.

Brewery Vivant is Taking on the Clean Water Act

One of the most impressive ways Brewery Vivant is making a difference is through their commitment to increasing public awareness of the Clean Water Act. Spaulding and the brewery recognize the importance of protecting our waters and the environment around us. So, they have joined with 20 other breweries across the nation to raise public awareness of the Clean Water Act.

This initiative is more than just a corporate responsibility, it is Spaulding's opportunity to make a difference. In a world where water resources are increasingly threatened, we need to pay attention to the Clean Water Act, its laws and its regulations. It is an act that has been safeguarding the water we drink, bathe in and swim in for nearly half a century.

The Impact of the Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act is the foundation of a wide range of water protection laws and regulations in the United States, including the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and the Safe Drinking Water Act. These laws have been instrumental in setting and enforcing national standards for water quality and protecting our access to clean water.

The Clean Water Act has also created a number of enforcement measures, including fines, jail time and pollution prevention measures. These measures are essential to keeping our waters clean and free of pollutants. The law also creates an agreement among all the states, allowing them to cooperate on water quality issues.

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Brewery Vivant's Commitment to the Clean Water Act

Brewery Vivant is committed to protecting our water resources and promoting public awareness of the Clean Water Act. Through its agreement with the other breweries, Brewery Vivant is leading the way in educating the public about the importance of the act. By taking a stand, the brewery is inspiring others to follow suit and to promote the importance of protecting our waters.

Jason Spaulding understands that business success starts with taking care of the planet. He brings his passion for sustainability to every aspect of Brewery Vivant. He is committed to raising public awareness of the Clean Water Act and inspiring others to do the same.

Brewery Vivant is Advocating for Clean Water with the Clean Water Act

With its commitment to the Clean Water Act, Brewery Vivant is leading the way in both sustainability and protecting our resources. In joining with other breweries in their commitment to this act, Jason Spaulding and Brewery Vivant are taking a stand for the health of our planet and our water.

Jason Spaulding and his wife, Kris, have found success with their sustainability-focused brewery. Through their commitment to the Clean Water Act, they are doing their part to ensure that our water stays clean and that future generations will enjoy the benefits of clean, accessible water.


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