Tasting Birmingham's Beer Scene

Are you the type of person that loves to sample fresh, locally-sourced beer? If so, then Birmingham, Alabama is the perfect place for you! The city has four production breweries, Avondale, Good People, Cahaba, and Trim Tab, where you can stop in for a tasty pint to go along with your view of the city. With such a vast array of options, Birmingham has become a beer-lover’s paradise!

Where to Drink in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, is the state’s cultural, economic and educational hub. Over the past couple of decades, Birmingham has become a destination for food, entertainment, and nightlife, and the city’s locals love to enjoy a night out on the town. Whether you’re a beer or cocktail enthusiast, or looking to discover an impressive collection of local and national beers, Birmingham has what you’re looking for.

Birmingham’s Brewing Scene

Many Birmingham residents would argue today that locally produced beer is what’s rescuing the city. Credit is due in part to the city’s four production breweries—Avondale, Good People, Cahaba, and Trim Tab.

Avondale Brewing Co. opened its doors in 2011, and quickly attracted attention for its award-winning beers. Their brightly-colored cans now grace the shelves of many local stores and restaurants. Their taproom serves up one-of-a-kind seasonal beers that simulate ingredients like wildflowers and herbs, among others. Stop by for a flight, pint, innovative bite, or stay for an evening of music, special events, and family-friendly activities.

Good People Brewing Company was founded in 2008, and it’s now one of the most recognizable breweries in Alabama and the Southeast. Good People’s taproom is located in an old warehouse in downtown Birmingham and style is high, the beer is cold, the people are friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Be sure to check out the periodic special release beers during your visit.

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Cahaba Brewing Co. has quickly become a neighborhood staple. With delicious craft beer, creative packaging, and growlers to-go, Cahaba has been growing and changing since they opened in 2014. Their taproom is adjacent to the brewery space, offering craft beer with a rotating selection of food trucks and snacks.

Trim Tab Brewing Company was founded in 2013 by Harris Stewart and his wife Daisy. The Trim Tab brewery was intentionally built to implement renewable energy and environmental processes, making them stand out as the most sustainable brewery in Birmingham. The taproom routinely offers a handful of their year-round and seasonal beers and a variety of events that bring live music to the area.

Birmingham Pubs and Bar

If a pub atmosphere is what you’re after, Birmingham has you covered. Piper and Leaf Artisan Tea Co. is a café and tea room that features 20 beer taps (and lots of tea of course.) Enjoy their delicious kombucha and create your own custom pint at the beer art wall, where you’ll select your beer style, hops and malts to design your own pint. Tap your beer and watch as your freshly tapped suds flow into your glass.

The J. Clyde is a traditional pub that serves over 300 bottles and cans of beer, along with 40 taps and five cask ales. Whether it’s craft beer, English ale, cider or wine, the options at The J. Clyde are endless and allow you to sample a huge selection of international beer, all in one place.

Otey's Bar and Grill is an iconic Birmingham bar. Located in the Crestline and Mountain Brook neighborhoods, Otey’s offers live music, karaoke, and more, with a tasty menu and full bar. They boast over 30 beers on tap, along with a wide selection of beer and wine to choose from. The vibe is cozy, welcoming and fun and the staff is ready to make your visit an enjoyable experience.

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Woodlawn Cycle Café serves up great food and a huge selection of beer. With 36 drafts, 74 bottles and 11 cans, you’ll find an incredible variety of beers. Plus, they offer a stunning outdoor patio and month-long beer festivals if you’re looking for a unique, outdoor brew experience.

The Marble Ring brings a fresh and creative spin on beer, with plenty of bottled and canned beers, IPAs, and more. Gather with friends to enjoy events ranging from Monday Night Football to Sunday Brunch, with occasional live music, too.

Beer Festivals in Birmingham

Birmingham offers several exciting beer-centric festivals throughout the year. Make sure to add these upcoming events to your beer drinking itinerary.

  • The Sloss Music & Arts Festival features funky art
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