Uncommon Rise of Three Floyds Brewing

Nick Floyd, the founder of Three Floyds Brewing, has achieved an remarkable feat in the craft brewing industry. Despite starting off as a small Indiana microbrewery just 10 years ago, Three Floyds Brewing has gone on to become one of the most respected craft-brewing powerhouses in the United States today. Nick Floyd has created an incredible empire, and the story of Three Floyds Brewing is one of remarkable success. Explore the history of the brewery, Nick Floyd's remarkable journey and its lofty heights of success.

For beer aficionados, Three Floyds Brewing needs no introduction. It is the small microbrewery from Munster, Indiana that has become a household name in just a few short years. Whether you’re a fan of their flagship beer, Zombie Dust, or another of their highly sought-after brews, Three Floyds has something for everyone. But the story of how Nick Floyd and his team rose from a small-town brewery to a nationally-acclaimed phenomenon is an inspirational tale for anyone who has ever dared to dream of taking their hobby to the next level.

Just 10 years after its founding, Three Floyds Brewing, a small Indiana microbrewery, has grown into an unlikely craft-brewing powerhouse. From humble beginnings, Three Floyds has emerged as one of the most sought-after craft breweries in the United States, thanks to the passion and drive of its founder, Nick Floyd.

The Early Days

Nick started Three Floyds Brewing in 1996, with a dream of turning his hobby of craft beer into something more. Nick had grown up in Munster, Indiana, and with its small population, he had seen only a limited selection of beers at his local stores and bars. Nick began to experiment with his own recipes and soon, he was brewing and bottling his own craft beer.

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Though Nick started alone, it didn’t take him long to recruit help. His close friends, Brain Taylor and Chris Boggess, joined him shortly after he launched Three Floyds Brewery. The team developed their recipes and a plan for their brewery, and began to show their beer at local competitions. To their surprise, their beer began to win awards, giving the group much-needed momentum.

Growth and Expansion

In the following years, Nick's team consistently improved their recipes and even began to expand their operation. In 2002, they opened a brewpub, called the Brewpub, located right next to their brewery. Nick and the guys had good timing, as the craft beer worldwide was really beginning to skyrocket in popularity. It wasn't long before Three Floyds was being recognized as one of the best craft breweries in the country.

Three Floyds Brewing continued its success in 2009, when they opened a new facility known as the Barrel Barn. This new facility allowed the team to expand their operations and begin to experiment with barrel-aged beers. This gave Nick and the guys an edge over other craft breweries, as many of these barrel-aged beers had intense, complex flavors that weren't available anywhere else.

Since then, Three Floyds Brewing has grown from strength to strength, and has earned the reputation of being one of the top craft breweries in the US, if not the world. They have become a haven for beer lovers, who flock to their facility for a chance to try their latest offerings.

The Legacy

One thing that has kept Three Floyds at the top of their game has been Nick's passion and commitment to quality. He has given it his all to ensure that his brewery puts out the best beer possible. His dedication has been the driving force behind the brewery's success, and it is why Three Floyds is a must-visit destination for beer lovers from all around the world.

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Nick Floyd's Commitment to Quality

Nick is as passionate about quality control as he is about brewing delicious beer. He and his team have set up a comprehensive system that ensures their beer is the highest quality possible. At the heart of this system is a rigorous quality assurance program, which guys use to test the beer both pre and post-bottling.

Nick and the guys also take pride in their use of the freshest ingredients. Nick is always on the lookout for the best quality malts, hops and other ingredients. He has even gone to the lengths of sourcing some of his ingredients from local farmers, which not only ensures freshness but also supports the local community.


Nick Floyd and his team have taken Three Floyds Brewing from a small Indiana microbrewery to a nationally acclaimed craft-brewing powerhouse. The team have done so by pursuing their passion for delightful craft beer and by committing to creating the best beer possible. If you're looking for an inspirational story of turning a hobby into a successful business, look no further than Three Floyds.

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