US Android Users: Get Beer Advocate Now on Google Play

Are you a beer aficionado always looking for the best recommendations and brews? Now, this great experience is just the click of a button away! BeerAdvocate Magazine has just been made available in the Google Play Store - US Android users can now access this great magazine with a single subscription via the Google Play Magazines app. Get exclusive reviews of beer around the world, tasty recipes, and fascinating stories! Get ready to experience the joy of beer first-hand with BeerAdvocate Magazine.

BeerAdvocate Magazine Now Available for Android Users via Google Play

Good news for Android users in the United States; the popular beer-tasting magazine BeerAdvocate is now available via the Google Play Magazines app available in the Google Play Store. This is the first time that BeerAdvocate has gone digital, allowing users to get access to all of their content with ease and efficiency, no matter where they are.

BeerAdvocate was founded way back in 1997, and since then the magazine has become the leading information source for beer enthusiasts and those looking to gain more knowledge about beer. As of today, BeerAdvocate has received a 4.4/5 rating from Google Play Store users and has been dubbed the ultimate beer-tasting resource for connoisseurs around the world.

What Does BeerAdvocate Offer?

The magazine offers a variety of engaged readers, from homebrewers to international beer lovers. BeerAdvocate promises to deliver the ultimate destination for beer news, reviews, and information, offering comprehensive coverage of the vast realm of craft beer. It doesn't matter if the readers are just starting out with beer and looking to learn more, or if they are aficionados and searching for the latest and greatest in beer knowledge. BeerAdvocate is the perfect magazine for either.

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The magazine is targeted towards beer lovers, and it provides readers access to different parts of the beer world. Readers can learn about the latest beer trends, get information on the beers they are drinking and even check out the many beer-related events happening all over the world. Whether it's a beer festival near them, or an interesting article about a beer that just hit the market,reading BeerAdvocate magazine is sure to provide invaluable knowledge and resources for the beer enthusiast.

What Does Google Play Offer?

With the Google Play Magazines app, Android users will now be able to subscribe to BeerAdvocate via the Google Play Store. This new feature provides US Android users the fastest and easiest way to get their hands on the magazine. After subscribing, users will be able to pay as little as $0.99 per month or $9.99 for a full year of access. With this subscription, users will get access to issues of BeerAdvocate right away, and will be able to read the magazine either online or offline.

Another benefit of this new feature is the fact that users will be able to view their magazines on different devices. This means that Android users can access their issues on their mobile device, tablet, or desktop. With this new feature, readers will never miss an issue of BeerAdvocate.

What’s Included in Each Issue?

  1. Detailed beer reviews along with recommendations.
  2. Up-to-date news and trends on the beer market.
  3. Interviews with brewers and beer industry professionals.
  4. Suggestions on amazing beer-based recipes.
  5. Event listings and reviews.
  6. Cultural and historical insights into the world of beer.
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Why Should You Subscribe?

Becoming a subscriber to BeerAdvocate Magazine will open you up to a world of knowledge about beer. With each issue, you will get access to the latest beer trends, detailed reviews about the hottest beers on the market, and exclusive interviews with brewers and industry experts. Plus, you will be able to get all of this information without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

If you are a beer enthusiast or just looking for more knowledge about the beer-tasting world, subscribing to BeerAdvocate via the Google Play Magazines app is one of the best ways to gain access to the magazine. So don’t wait, subscribe today and start diving into the beer world like never before.

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