Crafting Quality: Patrick Rue and The Bruery

For those with a passion for craft beer and an adventurous spirit, The Bruery, founded by Patrick Rue, is a brewery to watch! Their line of high-quality ales are made to challenge even the most sophisticated beer drinkers. Each sip promises to tantalize your senses with the deepest, richest flavors and aromas that will provide an experience you won't soon forget!

Patrick Rue: Craft Beer Pioneer at The Bruery

Patrick Rue was driven by a passion to create unique, high-quality beer when he founded The Bruery in 2008. Since its inception, The Bruery has revolutionized the craft beer industry and become one of California's largest private craft breweries. Today, Patrick and The Bruery produce more than 30 styles of specialty and limited-release craft beer, available at over 1400 retail and wholesale locations throughout the world.

The Early Life and Struggles of Patrick Rue

Patrick was born in 1980 in Orange County, California. He learned early on that the world was imperfect, and that he would need to find ways to overcome its challenges if he were to succeed. He went on to earn a degree in computer engineering from California Polytechnic State University, but did not find true happiness in the corporate world. Patrick's career searches, like those of many 20-somethings, brought little satisfaction, and it wasn't until he came across craft beer that he found his true passion.

Craft Beer Takes Hold in Patrick's Life

Patrick had been enjoying craft beer for several years, sharing his discoveries throughout the Orange County area. After a fateful meeting with a homebrew shop owner, Patrick was inspired to take his love of craft beer to the next level. He began experimenting with homebrewing, devoting hours to learning the craft and perfecting his recipes. Soon, his hard work paid off and Patrick was able to purchase the equipment necessary to start his own brewery.

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Founding The Bruery

In 2008, Patrick Rue founded The Bruery and began crafting unique, high-quality beers enjoyed by passionate craft beer drinkers. The Bruery has a “Guest Brewer Program,” where Patrick invites guest brewers in to collaborate on special releases, exposing him to new ideas and styles of beer. He’s also an avid beekeeper, using real honey in some of the brewery’s beers, and learning more about the honey fermentation process along the way.

The Bruery's Creative, Quality-Centered Approach

The Bruery is devoted to creating small-batch beers for passionate drinkers. Their approach to beer-making involves a lot of experimentation, creativity and dedication to the craft. All of The Bruery's beers are made entirely in-house, with inspiration coming from traditional brewing styles as well as Patrick’s own inventive twists. The Bruery’s portfolio includes a variety of Belgian-style ales, IPAs, sours, stouts, and barrel-aged beers, all of which are only released once they reach the highest quality standards.

Award-Winning Beer

The Bruery has won numerous awards over the years, including gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. There’s no question that Patrick Rue and his team at The Bruery are creating quality beer that’s pushing the boundaries of craft beer culture. The Bruery has earned a reputation as a top-notch beer producer, with even their limited-release beers achieving remarkable success.

The Bruery: A Premier Craft Beer Destination

The Bruery’s commitment to producing only premium, quality beer has established them as one of the premier craft breweries in the country. Patrick and his team continue to innovate and create exciting new beer styles that both challenge and tantalize the palates of craft beer lovers. The Bruery offers a wide array of beer styles, from pilsners to sours and everything in between. Whether you’re an experienced craft beer aficionado or looking for an introduction to the craft beer world, The Bruery should be your first stop.

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Through Hard Work and Dedication

Since founding The Bruery, Patrick Rue has proven himself to be an innovative and highly successful craft beer brewer. His commitment to quality beer and inventive brewing methods have established him as one of the premier craft beer makers in the US. With The Bruery, Patrick has created a destination for passionate craft beer drinkers, where they can find unique, rare and delicious beer styles. Thanks to Patrick’s dedication, the craft beer industry is a better place.


Patrick Rue is a true pioneer of the craft beer world. His hard work and passion for beer have earned him a great deal of success and recognition. By founding The Bruery, Patrick has created a destination for beer drinkers around the world to experience

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