Expression Through Brewing: A Performance Art Piece

Art in an unexpected form will soon come to life on the streets, as the new mobile performance-art piece “Brewing as Art,” makes its debut. Captivating all of your senses with the sights and smells of creative beer brewing, this is no ordinary brewery, as its creators are taking the craft to a whole other level. Immerse yourself in the sights, smells, and sounds of brewing and see firsthand how it can be art.

Brewing As Art: A Performance Piece From Creators

“Brewing as Art,” is not just a brewery on wheels, but rather a performance-art piece, according to its creators. This unique experience has taken mobile beer brewing to the next level with a performance-art angle. This unique tradition has been offered up in Austin, Texas for the past five years and has continually innovated year after year incorporating the best of both performance art and brewery culture.

History of Brewing As Art

Brewing as Art was started in 2015 by three individuals in their new home of Austin, Texas. The founders, Josh South, Jack Mereg, and Mark Maraxam had all been friends since college, and shared a passion for beer and performance-art. Combining their passions, they decided to create a mobile brewery that focused on turning their craft beer dreams into reality, while adding a performance-art element to the brews.

Brewing as Art was an immediate success, introducing their unique concept to eager beer lovers in Austin and beyond. During the summer of 2015, Brewing as Art began taking their brewery on the road and performing at beer festivals throughout the city, becoming a fixture in the regional beer scene in no time.

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The Brewery on Wheels

Brewing as Art operates a production brewery from their custom-built brewery on wheels. This mobile brewery is a state-of-the-art facility featuring three fermenters, a boil kettle, and a grain mill that can produce 17 barrels of quality beer per batch. The brewery on wheels has become the go-to setup for the team, as it allows them to travel to festivals and events, serve their beer on the spot, and put on unique performances.

At most of Brewing as Art’s events, the team sets up their brewery on wheels and offers samples directly from the fermenters, allowing attendees to experience the freshest beer possible. They also serve up a variety of packaged beers, including seasonal sours, stouts, and a rotating selection of IPAs. This setup has allowed the team to bring their mobile brewery and performance art to a variety of locations, from beer festivals and outdoor concerts, to football tailgates and corporate events.

The Performance Art Element

The unique performance art element of Brewing as Art is a component of every event. The team incorporates a variety of acts and themes into their shows that are sure to captivate their audience. They have incorporated elements such as body painting, projection art, circus acts, fire performances, and contortionists during the events, creating a memorable and entertaining experience.

Brewing as Art also pairs their performance art with music, creating a soundtrack to their show that amplifies the experience. The team draws from various genres of music, such as hip-hop, classical, jazz, and EDM, to produce an atmosphere of energy and excitement. This one-of-a-kind performance art experience is truly something to behold.

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Brewing as Art’s Impact

Since its creation five years ago, Brewing as Art has had a major impact on the craft beer scene in Austin, and the surrounding region. With their unique combination of beer and performance art, the team has created an entirely new experience in the world of craft beer. Their performances have incorporated elements from all over the world, and have created a vibrant, multi-faceted experience for all to enjoy.

In addition to their impact on the craft beer scene, the team has also made an impact on the art world, creating a new way of experiencing performance art. Through initiatives like their “Beers With Art Talks” and their collaborations with various artists, Brewing as Art has opened up possibilities to explore art in new and exciting ways.

Brewing As Art: The Future

Brewing as Art has become a staple in the craft beer world, and their impact is seen across the entire industry. As they continue to innovate and expand their repertoire of beer offerings and performance art experiences, there is no limit to what the team can create.

The team is already planning for the future of Brewing as Art, with ideas of larger scale festivals and even traveling beer-inspired circuses. With their unique combination of beer and performance art, and their consistent innovation, it is clear that the sky is the limit for the team at Brewing as Art.

Brewing As Art By the Numbers

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