Surf Town Sea of Brews

Forget the outdated bars trying to capture beach vibes; surfing culture has inspired a new wave of local breweries across the country. These unique establishments reflect the unique vibe of surf towns, and their company ethos, to the beers they brew. So next time you're out catching some waves, stop into one of these surf-inspired breweries for a post-surf drink that's tailored to the culture.

For surfers seeking a beer, the convenience of a brewery just around the corner is ideal. These days, more and more towns near the coast are offering up surf-inspired craft beer havens, giving thirsty wave-riders just the relief they need.

Brews and Breaks: Wave Riders Have Their Pick

A far cry from the hokey corporate bars that market themselves with surfboards and beach themes, authentic surf culture has shaped a growing number of breweries across the country—from the company ethos to the beers themselves.

Surfers seeking a post-ride beer can find plenty of options in some of the country’s most popular surf towns, from laid-back beach spots to gnarly cliffs and reef breaks. From beach bonfires to icy rivermouths, each locale offers its own unique surf culture that is reflected in its local breweries.

Growing Craft Beer Scene Reaching Surf Towns

As the craft beer industry has grown over the past decade, it has extended to many towns near the coast, offering locals and visitors alike a variety of local styles, brews, and experiences. From small batches brewed in-house to larger production facilities, many of these breweries have taken their business to a new level. Surf towns are particularly attractive to craft beer companies, as they bring in customers from all over the world in search of waves and good beer.

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A beach destination can become a destination for local craft beer, too. Take Ventura, CA, for instance—this surf town’s brewery scene has exploded in the past few years with spots like Anacapa Brewing Company, Surf Brewery, and Rincon Brewery, to name a few.

Surfers in the know get their fill of their favorite beer while they’re on the waves and afterward, when they’re off their boards, they can grab a pint at any of these locations—perfect for kicking back post-session. This is especially true of out-of-towners, as finding a local beer in an unfamiliar place can be a challenge.

Surf-Inspired Brews

At many of these breweries, the only requisite is that you like beer. But some places, like California’s iconic Granddaddy's surf spot, are making waves with craft beer brewed specifically for those on the waves or off the sand. From single-hop IPAs to oak-aged saisons, these beers are made with flavors that are inspired by the locale and the culture.

At the Mavericks Beer Company in Half Moon Bay, CA, you’ll find plenty of west-coast-style IPAs, alongside cream ales and pale ales that are designed to cut through waves (and waves of thirst).

Closer to the beach, you’ll find similarly surf-inspired beer offerings. Aviator Brewing Company in North Carolina serves up a wide selection of sours, steam beers, lagers, and IPAs, all reflecting the local surf town vibe.

Surf Beer Festivals on the Rise

Not only are more surf-inspired breweries popping up all along the coast, but surf beer festivals have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, as well. From California to the East Coast, these festivals offer up a multitude of craft beers from all over the world. Not only are the festivals fun and informative, but they give visitors a chance to try the latest local brews.

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You’ll find breweries from all over the map at these festivals, but one of the highlights is the chance to sample beers from the host breweries located in the surf town itself. These festivals also offer a variety of activities for all ages, from live music and surfing competitions, to bike races and swimming races.

Wrapping Up

From authentic brews to surf beer festivals, the craft beer scene in and around America’s surf towns is definitely on the rise. Whether you’re a veteran wave rider or a first-time surfer, you’ll find plenty of options when it comes to getting a beer post-surf. So grab your board and head out to your nearest surf spot—you won’t be disappointed.

Benefits Summary:

  • A growing number of breweries near the coast reflects authentic surf culture
  • Breweries offer locals and visitors alike a variety of local styles and experiences
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