Tod Mott: From Homebrew to Brewery

From humble beginnings as an all-grain homebrewer to crafting world-class beers for some of the biggest craft breweries, Tod Mott has truly made a name for himself. Now, he and his wife are embarking upon an exciting new venture: opening Tributary Brewing Co. in Maine. With a wealth of experience and talent, combined with a passion for great beer, Tod Mott and his wife promise to create an unforgettable experience for craft beer lovers everywhere. Join us as we follow this amazing journey and explore what Tributary Brewing Co. has to offer.

Tod Mott started brewing beer as an all-grain homebrewer in the late 80's and since then has been involved in the craft beer community for nearly three decades. As one of the co-founders and brewers of the forthcoming Tributary Brewing Company in Maine, Mott brings plenty of experience and passion to the table.

Early History of Homebrewing

In the late 80s, Mott started brewing all-grain homebrews, experimenting with many different recipes and styles. Homebrewers at the time were largely utilizing malt extract with some all-grain grains for flavoring, but Mott embraced the all-grain method, leading the way for many others to do the same. Building off of his passion, he was eventually able to secure an internship at Catamount, one of the first craft beer makers in the United States.

Furthering His Craft Beer Career

Mott gained valuable experience at Catamount, and was eventually able to land himself a gig at Harpoon Brewery. Over the course of his time there, he worked his way up the ranks, developing his skills and helping Harpoon become a successful and respected name in the craft beer scene. From there, Tod moved on to Portsmouth Brewery, which he has credited for really helping him hone his craft and gain more experience in brewing.

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Tributary Brewing Co.

Now with all that experience in tow, Mott, along with his wife, are helming the forthcoming Tributary Brewing Co. in Kittery, Maine. Tributary will focus on producing small-batch, artisan-style beers, allowing Mott and his team to really experiment and manifest their passion into something special. When it comes to the offerings of Tributary, Mott has promised that it will encompass a broad range of styles, giving a range of options for craft beer lovers.

Mott's Intentions

Throughout his experience in the beer industry, Mott has witnessed all kinds of craft brews, both good and bad. His main goal with Tributary Brewing Co. is to elevate the craft beer scene and provide people with something truly unique. By focusing on small-batch beers, they will be able to guarantee each and every customer a special experience, with each beer being of the highest quality and accessibility.

Tod Mott: A Visionary in Craft Beer

Tod Mott has certainly come a long way in his journey, from all-grain homebrewer in the 80s to one of the co-founders of one of the most exciting upcoming craft breweries. From his experience at Catamount, Harpoon and Portsmouth, Mott has been able to develop his knowledge and hone in on his passion for craft beer. With this passion and experience, Mott gives us a peek into the future of craft brewing and will pave the way for more businesses like Tributary Brewing Co. to arise.

Why Tod Mott?

  • A master in all-grain brewing
  • Gained valuable experience at Catamount, Harpoon and Portsmouth
  • Leading the way with the soon-to-be-opened Tributary Brewing Co.
  • Paving the way for craft brewers in the future
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